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"Your pathway to the Costco Sales and Marketing Partner...with proven results!"

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Gobo Enterprises is a global sales, marketing and brand development broker for Costco Wholesale with over 33 years of experience.

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Gobo made an early commitment to give back in ways that we feel represent who we are as an organization.

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"The Gobo root finds opportunities below the surface. As a taproot, it discovers deeper resources."

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Sales & Marketing Broker

Calling on all US & International buying offices, managing multiple National Buy and Kirkland Signature programs. Gobo is known for our strategic development and creativity in helping our vendors manage and grow their business.


“…ensure you are ready to grow alongside Costco.”


Research & Development – Ideation & Product Development

  • Costco inspired kitchen with a full-time corporate chef.
  • Successful item development from concept to steel across multiple departments.
  • Showing Costco and our vendors value through constant innovation.

Marketing Strategy Development
Develop a customized “go-to-market” strategy that achieves vendor objectives while assuring a complete understanding of Costco’s expectations, programs and priorities.

Assure you are always “Presentation Ready”.

Knowledge of Promotion opportunities, rotation seasonality, what product to present, pack size requirements, SKU thresholds, and hurdle rates of each department.

Constant communication with all Corporate and Regional buyers, monitoring their diverse needs and adjusting our approach as needed.

Resisting complacency, saving active business by analyzing objectively and making appropriate adjustments – “refreshing” product and/or packaging.

Projecting future volume expectations to ensure you are ready to grow alongside Costco.



Sales & Marketing

Review & Evaluation