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Executive Team

Brenda HandleyBrenda Handley, Chief Executive Officer, President – Founder
Brenda is the founder, chief executive officer, and president of Gobo Enterprises with 10+ years of experience working with Costco. Her business expertise is in financial management and consulting anything from start-up companies to large corporate operations.

Prior to Gobo, Brenda founded, owned and managed the largest independent corporate housing company that mirrored growth with Microsoft. She demands a high standard of quality service by her attention to detail and the  example she sets through her role at Gobo Enterprises.

Brenda is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and community leader with involvement in Japanese American cultural and heritage and minority focused programs. She currently is on the board of directors for the largest Asian market in the Pacific Northwest as well as other non-profit boards.

Ron Bryman

Ron Bryman, Chief Strategy Officer
Ron merged his business, OhMyDeli (OMD) with Gobo Enterprises in 2013, following a very distinguished tenure as Vice President. At OMD, Ron’s focus was on Sales, Marketing and Consulting for companies wishing to enter the Club Store segment. Ron has 20+ years of experience working with Costco.

Significantly contributing to a company’s success of product design, packaging and programs is the fuel that drives Ron’s passion for the industry. Ron has become a respected professional well versed in many segments of the food industry.

Jeff AlimentJeff Aliment, Senior Vice President, Corporate Accounts
Jeff spent 20+ years as a Senior Business Manager with a food broker working exclusively with Costco. His focus was on the Kirkland Signature label and business development. One of three pioneers to start Market Food Service for Associated Grocers; Jeff draws on his 37 years of experience focusing on development and marketing of new items and vendor growth.



Elizabeth Cobleigh

Elizabeth Cobleigh, Senior Vice President, National Accounts
Elizabeth came to Gobo Enterprises with an extensive knowledge of Costco. Originally employed by Costco, Elizabeth transitioned to the food brokerage side of the business as an Eastern Regional Manager and most recently a Managing Partner. Elizabeth has 27+ years of work experience with Costco.

Her passion to work with the supplier from concept stage to product placement has been the key to her successful relationships within the vendor community and Costco.


Seth HandleySeth Handley, R&D Manager, Corporate Executive Chef
As Gobo’s Corporate Executive Chef, Seth brings forth his experience and education to take Gobo’s client products from the kitchen to the Costco member. He focuses on developing and testing preparation instructions and ingredients for client products.

Seth works frequently with the Costco buying and R&D team as well as vendors in developing products exclusively for Costco. His experience includes the honor of serving as a Sous Chef for several celebrity chefs and on stage presentation experience at national festivals. Seth is dedicated to ensuring quality and consistency – every time.

Nic LyonsNic Lyons, Senior Vice President, National Accounts
Nic joins Gobo with 16+ years of experience specializing in Costco Fresh Food sales. His experience includes vendor sales and staying current on the ever evolving buying methodologies across multiple departments at Costco. Nic’s focus is on developing vendor sales strategies that create long-term value and support to Costco.



Meagan Meehan MikesellMeagan Meehan Mikesell, Associate Vice President National Sales
Meagan comes to Gobo Enterprises with an extensive background in customer service, product development, sales and management. Drawing on previous experience as a Costco Corporate Foods Intern, Meagan joined Gobo in 2013 focusing on Costco specific item development, packaging design and project management.



Linda SalomonLinda Salomon, Senior Vice President, Global Markets
Linda and her team focus on managing and expanding global markets. Linda has 9+ years of experience working with Costco International. Her expertise comes from more than 20 years of involvement in investment consulting, contract administration, fund and program development.

She has successfully advised over 100 U.S. firms from various industries regarding export and/or investment strategies, guiding them through the business, legal and cultural issues encountered in the trade and investment process.


Joshua SmithJoshua Smith, Senior Vice President, National Accounts
Joshua comes to Gobo after 10 years with Level One Marketing, where he identified, recruited and developed high potential new accounts in multiple categories. Building on a strong emphasis on service and development of client relationships, Joshua also managed business and sales throughout the United States and Canada.

Prior to that, Joshua worked for Costco Wholesale for 19 years in three different regions, as well as their corporate offices. With more than 30 years in the retail industry Joshua has the perspective and overall understanding that only comes from working on both sides of the equation.


Norio YamanouchiNorio Yamanouchi, Senior Advisor, Asian Market Development
Norio joined Gobo with extraordinary skills in global business development that achieves invaluable cooperative relationships between companies and individuals.

Educated at the University of Tokyo in Aeronautical Engineering, Norio’s professional experience is in all aspects of aeronautical product sales, management, marketing, international partnerships and trade negotiations.

Support Team

Meagan Meehan Mikesell

Megan Meehan Mikesell
Associate Vice President National Sales

Meagan Meehan Mikesell

Megan Meehan Mikesell
Associate Vice President National Sales

Meagan Meehan Mikesell

Megan Meehan Mikesell
Associate Vice President National Sales

Meagan Meehan Mikesell

Megan Meehan Mikesell
Associate Vice President National Sales