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"Your pathway to the Costco Sales and Marketing Partner...with proven results!"

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Gobo Enterprises is a global sales, marketing and brand development broker for Costco Wholesale with over 33 years of experience.

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Gobo made an early commitment to give back in ways that we feel represent who we are as an organization.

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"The Gobo root finds opportunities below the surface. As a taproot, it discovers deeper resources."

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“…keeping a finger on the pulse of this dynamic market.”


  • Extend your regional coverage, allowing for increased support of individual buying group without sacrificing or losing focus of another.
  • Actively calling on all Costco regions and departments, we will keep you up-to-date with their particular intricacies, seasonal buying schedules, and competitive challenges.
  • Amplify growth potential by leveraging your volume across multiple departments.
  • Specifically designed to manage all customer-service and point-of-sale contacts for your business today and explosive growth in the future.


Review & Evaluation

Daily Order Processing & Checking

  • Ensure receipt of all POs by mandatory cutoff dates and with required order quantities.
  • Order checking for pricing and item maintenance accuracy.
  • Respond urgently and resolve all delivery delays, shortages, and any discrepancies.
  • Manage volume commitments and monitoring regional order trends.


Promotional Planning & Tracking

  • Track accruals and program funding, routinely audit against spend & budget for accuracy.
  • Schedule demos that maximize lift and manage all promotional balances.
  • Coordinate demo schedule with Costco ICSs to ensure POs anticipate appropriate lift.
  • Maintain a calendar of events to ensure all programs are anticipated and repeated.


Documentation Maintenance

  • Create and keep New Item Forms and Buydocs updated.
  • Manage yearly Vendor Commitment Form completion accounting for regional changes.
  • Document all program and discretionary spending with Costco Auditors.
  • Maintain all price change notifications and justification documents.



Sales & Marketing

Review & Evaluation