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Gobo New Corporate Office
Press Release – Jan 2017

We’ve had an exciting past couple of years! Gobo Corporate Office moved into our new location during the summer of 2015.

We are now located directly across the pond from Costco Headquarters in Issaquah. Additionally, we now have branch offices located in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Atlanta. Our corporate building is fully equipped with a Costco inspired kitchen, an expert sales force and we have tripled our support team!

We are Ready ~ Are you Ready?

Bill Lile, CEO
“Gobo has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. We attribute this success from reinvesting in our business by hiring top tier professional staff and focus on adding value to our Vendors and Costco. Our customer service is second to none and is what differentiates Gobo from all other Costco Brokers. We are proud of our team and the level of quality services they provide to our Vendors and Costco. Gobo calls on all of Costco’s buying offices globally and has distribution in all of them.”

Brenda Handley, President
“One of our tag lines ‘Gobo is your Costco sales and marketing partner with proven results’ can be attributed to my insistence in quality of service with attention to detail for our vendors, partners and customers at all times.”

Ron Bryman, EVP
“By keeping our pulse not only on Costco but on the industries and categories in which we are proficient, we are able to continue to offer superior products, programs and service to both Costco and our Vendor Partners. Our team is energized with creating items and watching them succeed as well as ensuring that our reputation as one of the top customer service organizations dealing with Costco remains intact.”

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